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AMW095 - Ariel X and Simone vs. The Spoiler and Slim Cut


This absolutely incredible 100% competitive tag-team submission wrestling match features the legendary Ariel X (5'4 / 135 lbs.) and fast-rising underground fighting newcomer Simone (5'4 / 145 lbs.) up against The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.) and Slim Cut (5'11 / 145 lbs.).

For the record, that's four high-level BJJ fighters in one match - a black belt and a purple belt vs. a brown belt and a purple belt!

The intensity, speed, skill level, submission attempts and escapes are all off the charts in this one as these four fighters go hard at one another with everything but the kitchen sink - headscissors, triangle chokes, arm-bars, gogoplatas, omoplatas, hand-over-mouth smothering, double-teaming, guillotines, head-and-arm-triangles, d'arce chokes and...shoot...more? Yes! A lot more!

Needless to say, there's plenty of incredible skill and sweat-soaked action on display here.

Do the women pick up the victory at the end of regular time? Or do the men?

It's super close at the final buzzer - so buy the complete match right now to find out!

**Note:  Our tag-team matches are normally 40 minutes in total:

  • 20 minutes where the teams must tag in and out
  • 10 minutes where all four fighters are allowed on the mat at once
  • 10 minutes where the winning team gets to work over the losers

However our clock was programmed incorrectly during filming for this match so, while there's actually more action overall with nearly 43 minutes of total action, the breakdown is slightly different because of the clock issue:

  • 25 minutes of tagging in and out
  • approx. 8 minutes of all four fighters going at it
  • 10 minutes where the winners punish the losers

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