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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW097 - Simone vs. Nikita II: The Rematch

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Powerhouse IFBB pro Nikita (5'7 / 175 lbs.) returns to the Absolute mats to fight fast-rising underground wrestling star Simone (5'4 / 145 lbs.) in a 100% competitive rematch that pits size and strength against skill.

Simone is an accomplished mixed martial artist and BJJ purple belt, so her skill allows her to dictate the pace of this battle, but Nikita has the sort of raw strength that can make anyone tap if she's able to apply it properly - particularly to her opponent's neck!

This hard-fought match features a variety of technical submissions and old-school, brute-force holds that score tap-outs from the fighter trapped in them including rear-naked chokes, guillotines, bodyscissors and more!

Does Simone add another impressive win to her fight record? Or does the pro bodybuilder manage to over-power her smaller opponent?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!