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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW098 - Alita vs. The Spoiler

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This 100% competitive submission wrestling match features BJJ blue belt Alita (5'5 / 130 lbs.) going head to head with BJJ purple belt The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.) in an incredible back-and-forth fight that requires over-time to decide a winner!

Alita gives up size and experience to her masked opponent but she has much better cardio and never-say-die attitude that allows her to fight out of submission holds other wrestlers would probably tap out to.

And, speaking of submission holds, this match features a substantial number of them - kimuras, reverse headscissors, triangle chokes, americanas, rear-naked chokes, body-triangles, ezekiel chokes and more! And there's even some hand-over-mouth smothering and hand-on-throat chokes in there as well!

Does the young newcomer wear out her larger opponent to claim victory? Or does The Spoiler add yet another win to his record?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!