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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW099 - Ariel X vs. Slim Cut II: The Rematch

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The first incredible battle between BJJ black belt Ariel X (5'4 / 135 lbs.) and high-level submission wrestler and pro MMA fighter Slim Cut (5'11 / 145 lbs.) set a new bar for fighting skill in a 100% competitive underground submission wrestling match. So it only made sense to let these two crash into each other one more time!

Straight from the opening bell, and all the way through the final bell, the action in this one is relentless. And the intensity actually increases as the match progresses which, when you're talking about 25 minutes of non-stop fully competitive action, should tell you everything you need to know about the world-class cardio both fighters possess.

Both fighters go for, and are forced to counter, a variety of submission over the course of this ultra-close match including headscissors, rear-naked chokes, d'arce chokes, kimuras, arm-bars, head-and-arm triangles and more! And the winner is only determined by the slimmest of margins!

So which elite fighter gets their hand raised once it's all over?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!