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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW100 - Danni and Ariel X vs. Freyja and Simone

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Absolute 100% competitive tag-team submission wrestling action returns with this epic all-female battle as Danni (5'6 / 148 lbs.) and Ariel X (5'4 / 135 lbs.) take on Freyja (5'4 / 127 lbs.) and Simone (5'4 / 145 lbs.)!

Both teams are composed of highly skilled BJJ fighters and this match definitely highlights the impressive variety of holds and counters in the playbooks of everyone involved. 

Triangle chokes, armbars, bodyscissors, body triangles, headscissors, reverse headscissors and more are employed in terms of technical skill, plus hand-over-mouth smother, hand-on-throat chokes and more combinations where it's 2-on-1 or all four fighters tangled up then we could count!

Using the AMW standard for tag-team fights, this match runs 30 minutes of fast-paced, non-stop action and features the following:

  • 20 minutes where the team members have to tag in and out
  • 10 minutes where all four fighters are allowed on the mats at the same time

Plus an epic 10 minutes where the winning team gets to work over the losers!

Danni and Ariel X?  Or Freyja and Simone?  Who ya got?!

Find out which team claims victory - buy the complete match right now!