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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW101 - Margo vs. Razor

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**As noted in the match description below, this fight was called just short of regular time (seconds away from the final buzzer, in fact) for safety reasons, so we're offering it a permanently reduced price to reflect its shorter-than-normal length.

So...where to begin with this match?!

First off, we need to point out that this match was called off shortly before the buzzer sounded to end regulation time (and the lower price reflects that).

But that's no reflection at all on this intense 100% competitive submission wrestling battle between Margo (5'1 / 130 lbs.) and Razor (5'7 / 192 lbs.) that was, in fact, so intense we called the match for safety!

Yes, this is our first ever 'No Contest' result but once you've watched this one you'll understand why.

Margo, despite her size disadvantage, has a serious skill and experience advantage with more than a decade worth of submission wrestling under her belt. However Razor comes into this match with a chip on his shoulder which, we can only assume, is a result of the outcome in his previous AMW match (against the legendary VeVe Lane).

He tries super hard to simply overpower his more skilled opponent, gasses out really quickly, and his forced to play defence the rest of the fight as Margo repeatedly stalks him, and attacks.

What follows over the course of running time are a number of incredibly hard slams where Razor lifts and throws his opponent with a sort of intense disdain that finally made us end the fight early.

Instead of 25 minutes of non-stop submission wrestling action + 5 minutes where the winner working over the loser as is the Absolute Mixed Wrestling 1 vs. 1 standard, this match runs just under 25 minutes and ends with harsh words and hard feelings.

In all of our other matches you'd watch to discover who won - in this one you'll have to watch these two go hard at one another and decide who should have won for yourself!