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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW109 - Psycho vs The Spoiler

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French Canadian pro MMA fighter Psycho (5'7 / 187 lbs.) makes her Absolute Mixed Wrestling debut against BJJ grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.) in this intense heavyweight battle!

Psycho may be one of the most physically strong women to ever set foot on the Absolute mats, and she combines that power with an aggression that keeps The Spoiler on the defensive for much of the fight.

And, while both fighters score submission across the running time of the match, it's Psycho who establishes dominance with some very punishing chokes and, at one point, a devastating hand-smother that scores a tap-out from her larger opponent.

Can The Spoiler hand Psycho a loss in her first Absolute match? Or will the powerhouse from La Belle Province grind out a big win?

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