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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW110 - FitBeast vs. Danni

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Fan-favourite French-Canadian submission wrestler FitBeast (5'4 / 160 lbs.) crashes into BJJ blue belt Danni (5'6 / 148 lbs.) in this incredibly intense 100% competitive submission wrestling match. And it's the kind of rare fight where the more technically skilled fighter is simply, surprisingly ground down by the strength and intensity of her opponent.

Both fighters score impressive submissions, neither gives the other more than a split second to recover after a submission is scored, and these two wind up sweat-soaked and exhausted as they battle right down to the final bell.

Body-scissors, arm-bars, kimuras and variety of different smothers get utilized in this one. And you'll be impressed by the whole thing. Including the outcome!

Does Danni manage to survive the onslaught from her powerful foe? Or does FitBeast crush the fight right out of her cross-country rival?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!