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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW113 - Bianca Blance vs Slim Cut

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Fiery Italian fighter Bianca Blance (5'6 / 135 lbs.) returns to the Absolutes to face off against high-level submission grappler Slim Cut (5'11 / 145 lbs.) that goes from friendly to fierce in very short order.

There's plenty of strategic action, include a variety of sweeps and counters, as both wrestlers work toward victory however there's one distinct moment where the wheels come off this one.

As you may be well aware, Absolute rules don't require combatants to reset after a submission, and that can often lead to some intense action as one fighter quickly goes for a subsequent submission - which is the case here. However, in this match, one fighter is so furious about this they actually attempt to land a kick and a full-power slap in the aftermath.

Needless to say, the frustration builds as the clock runs down, and the loser is furious at the final buzzer.

Now our matches are supposed to feature a 'punishment round' where the winner has earned free-reign to work the loser over with whatever holds etc. they see fit. Except here, the loser refuses to concede. And that leads to some confusion among the production team, and irritation for the winner (who actually storms off the mat at the end!).

Does Bianca stun Slim Cut by stealing a victory over her more experienced opponent? Or does Slim Cut see his hand raised at the end of full time?

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