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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW119 - Kortney Olson vs The Spoiler

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One of the biggest names in the entire history of underground wrestling finally makes her highly-anticipated debut in an Absolute match as submission wrestler and BJJ grappler Kortney Olson (5'6 / 180 lbs.) takes on BJJ grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 225 lbs.) in this fully competitive clash!

These two mostly eschew technical grappling in this one for a more old-school approach that sees plenty of crushing scissors, body-locks, grapevines, chokes and smothering. And it's a gruelling, exhausting match that features a clear victor, even though the fight was quite close throughout!

Kortney takes full advantage of The Spoiler's mask over the course of this battle. And it clearly frustrates The Spoiler, whose offence and defence are frequently hindered by her relentless use of the dirty tactic.

But is it enough for the immensely powerful watermelon-busting viral legend to pick up the win against her masked foe?

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