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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW120 - Agatha Delicious vs Flavio

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This fully competitive match features the Absolute debut of not one but two exciting new fighters, and it's an excellent light-weight battle that sees novice BJJ practitioners Agatha Delicious (5'8 / 127 lbs.) and Flavio (5'9 / 155 lbs.) crash into one another on our mats.

These two engage for the entire 25 minutes of regulation time and the result is a closely-contested, sweaty and exhausting fight where both fighters find themselves trapped under tremendous duress by their opponent at various points.

Triangles, body-scissors, rear-naked chokes, smothering and more all contribute to the highlights in this one.

And while the final score does place a W in one fighter's win column, this fight is extremely close - certainly close enough to warrant a rematch!

Which of these fighters picks up their first Absolute victory in their first-ever Absolute match?

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