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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW124 - Kortney Olson vs Flavio

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Fan-favourite and total powerhouse Kortney Olson (5'6 / 181 lbs.) returns to the Absolute mats and collides with smaller BJJ grappler Flavio (5'9 / 155 lbs.) in this fully competitive battle that sees the frustration of one fighter boil right over!

It really is size and strength vs skill in this hard-fought and gruelling match, as Kortney tries her best to over-power her smaller opponent here. And it's an extremely close contest that may well have had a different outcome if the match were even just a few minutes longer.

Guillotines, rear-naked chokes, smothers, grapevines and bodyscissors are utilized with maximum effort from both fighters here. Of course, only one can pick up the victory.

Does Kortney crush her way to the win? Or does Flavio manage to out-skill is substantially more powerful foe?

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