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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW125 - Princess Fury vs The Spoiler

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Bodybuilder Princess Fury (5'0 / 130 lbs.) takes on The Spoiler in her Absolute debut and though it's a size and skill mismatch on paper the result is an action-packed fully competitive battle that will have you cheering on the underdog!

Both fighters are coming off matches earlier in the day, and Princess Fury attempts to take full advantage of that (with some pre-fight coaching from another Absolute wrestler) by targeting The Spoiler's low cardio throughout this fight.

That means A LOT of smothering. 

Fury is aggressive and strong, and though she doesn't have the technical skill to take full advantage of some of the advantageous positions she finds herself in, she keeps it simple by repeatedly and relentless working various smothers on her larger opponent.

This match features a variety of chokes and, yes, a variety of smothers as both fighters go hard right up to the final bell. And end up sweat-soaked and exhausted as a result.

Who picks up the victory in this one?

Buy the complete match right now to find out.