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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW126 - Sheena vs The Spoiler III

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One the all-time greatest fighters in the history of underground submission wrestling returns to the Absolute mats as legendary Judo black belt Sheena (5'5 / 164 lbs.) collides with BJJ purple belt The Spoiler (6'0 /. 230 lbs.) in this ultra-intense, fully competitive match.

Sheena is an absolute powerhouse here. And you get a real sense of just how physically imposing she is when she removes her gi top part-way through the fight. But combine that with her high-level grappling skill and her incredible intensity and you've got a real mat monster on your hands!

This match features a variety of chokes including guillotines, rear-naked chokes and, yes, Sheena's belt becomes a weapon both fighter use to choke one another at various points throughout.

The final score belies how close this fight actually is with one fighter spending a surprising amount of time trapped in various holds by the the other, only to capitalize quickly once on offence.

Regardless, it's an exhausting, hard-hitting fight that leaves both competitors soaked in sweat at the final bell.

Can Sheena muscle her way to victory against The Spoiler in this thrilling third encounter between the two? Or does the masked fighter come away with his hand raised at full-time?

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