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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW127 - Ms. K vs Sugar Diamond

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 **At the end of regulation time there was some confusion about the final score, and the clock inadvertently continued to run while this was resolved. As a result, the punishment round is only 4 min. in length (as opposed to our standard 5 min.) so we have permanently reduced the price of this match to reflect that.

BJJ grappler Ms. K (5'4 / 147 lbs.) collides with Muay Thai-trained Sugar Diamond (5'3 / 151 lbs.) in this fully competitive clash between two strong and determined athletes.

Very similar in terms of size and strength both fighters are wary of the other as they clash repeatedly throughout this one for a solid number of lock-ups, sweeps and take-downs.

A variety of chokes feature throughout, and smothering gets desperately employed by one combatant  as the clock winds down on this exciting, very close battle.

Does Ms. K claim victory? Or does Sugar Diamond see her hand raised at the final bell?

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