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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW130 - Alexis Luna vs The Spoiler

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The phenomenal Alexis Luna (5'4 / 147 lbs.) makes her Absolute Mixed Wrestling debut in this fully competitive clash with The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.), and it's an exhilarating Muay Thai vs. BJJ battle!

Both fighters take the lead at various points throughout the match, and both find themselves trapped in holds for lengthy periods of time. At point, Alexis even smothers The Spoiler so relentlessly and aggressively you can actually hear the the excruciatingly long silence between gasps - you just know his lungs were burning!

With plenty of crushing bodyscissors, triangle chokes, hand-on-throat chokes, body punching and, yes, a variety of smothering, this fight is intense and incredibly close.

Does the powerful Englishwoman have what it takes to claim victory in her first-ever AMW match? Or does The Spoiler welcome her the hard way?

Buy the complete match right now and find out who picks up the hard-fought W!