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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW131 - Sugar Diamond vs Trent

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The incredible Sugar Diamond (5'3 / 151 lbs.) collides with towering newcomer Trent (6'3 / 218 lbs.) in this hard-fought and extremely close fully competitive submission wrestling match.

This fight really does kick off at the opening bell and the intensity doesn't really relent - even after we had to pause the action when Trent took an inadvertent impact to the face that resulted in a bloody nose!

Sugar throws herself at her much larger, though less experienced, opponent with almost reckless abandon. And her full offensive arsenal is on display in what is clearly an all-out assault: smothers and chokes, headscissors, bodyscissors, body punches so hard they leave the side of Trent's torso covered in welts, she even grabs his hair for leverage at various points!

And Trent does not back down. Much to his credit, he takes the fight to Sugar, sweeping and reversing position, securing his own positions and going for submissions. That is, until his gas tank begins to run dry and he's forced to fight desperately for survival ahead of the final bell.

This bout is super close and highly entertaining - an absolute 'must-see' match where both fighters are left exhausted and sweat-soaked in the end.

Does Sugar have what it takes to defeat the big guy? Or is Trent able to snatch victory in his Absolute debut?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!