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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW134 - Psycho vs Slim Cut II: The Rematch

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Montreal-based boxer and MMA fighter Psycho (5'7 / 187 lbs.) returns to the Absolute mats for this fully competitive rematch with BJJ grappler Slim Cut (5'11 / 145 lbs.) and it's a true clash of size and strength vs skill.

Psycho is immensely strong. And she relentlessly attacks Slim, using her size advantage in a concerted effort to pin him to the mat so she can work submissions from the top.

While Slim comes out of the gate hot, using his skill advantage to build an early lead and is then forced to spend the majority of the fight on defence as Psycho pushes the pace and applies intense offensive pressure.

This match features triangle chokes, kimuras, head-scissors, D'arce chokes and more as both fighters seek to pick up the highly-prized victory.

Of course, only one of them can. 

Buy the complete match right now to discover who claims the decisive W!