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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW138 - Princess Fury vs The Spoiler II: The Rematch

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Mighty bodybuilder Princess Fury (5'0 / 130 lbs.) demanded another crack at much larger BJJ grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.) after their first fight, so we made it happen.

This fully competitive clash goes hard as Fury follows her first-match game plan by utilizing her strength to attack the big guy's primary weakness - his low cardio. And she hits him with a variety of smothers and chokes to jump out to a surprising lead!

But The Spoiler leans on his BJJ skill to battle back with some impressive combinations and submissions of his own.

Both fighters want this one and neither backs down. At one point, Princess Fury even fights through a punishing head-and-arm choke AND grapevine combination, stubbornly refusing to submit and genuinely astonishing her opponent.

Can she power her way through to the final bell to claim victory though?

Or will she fall short in the face her experienced foe?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!