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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW139 - FitBeast vs Slim Cut

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French-Canadian powerhouse FitBeast (5'4 / 164 lbs.) steps up to face Slim Cut (5'11 / 145 lbs.) in this gruelling 100% competitive submission wrestling match that tests her strength against his skill.

It's a sweat-soaked, exhausting encounter that sees the much more muscular FitBeast breathing heavy very quickly, and she's forced to rely on her incredible physical strength to fend off her opponent's offence.

Arm-bars, triangle chokes, kimuras, head-and-arm triangles, crushing body-scissors and more are featured before the final bell wraps this one up for the decisive victor.

Can FitBeast muscle her way to a shock upset win? Or is the skill of her opponent in this one simply too much to overcome?

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