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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW142 - Alexis Luna vs Sugar Diamond

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Immensely popular Alexis Luna (5'4 / 147 lbs.) takes on the ultra high-energy Sugar Diamond (5'3 / 151 lbs.) in this fully competitive submission match between Muay Thai-trained fighters who are very evenly matched in size, strength and experience.

And the result is very close, with each of these powerful fighters looking to grind their opponent down with a variety of grapevines, smothers, chokes and punishing body-scissors.

In the end, both fighters are slick with sweat and breathing heavily after a hard-fought bought filled with attacks, counters and quite a few narrow escapes.

At the final bell one fighter picks up a well-earned win in this excellent bout. But is it Alexis or Sugar that leaves with the victory?

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