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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW143 - Persuaxion vs The Spoiler

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**We had a new camera-person for this match and the camera work is slightly wonky early on as a result. That said, the action throughout the entirety of this match is first-rate and nothing is missed. Plus, the punishment round here features the first-ever KO in any of our matches. So, all in all, we think it balances out!

Ultra-impressive newcomer Persuaxion (5'3 / 112 lbs.) takes on substantially larger and more experienced grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.) in this intense and fast-paced fully competitive submission wrestling clash!

Persuaxion has shown no fear in her previous matches in spite of the fact she has no wrestling or martial arts background. And her unique combination of stamina, flexibility and determination have given her opponents real difficulty thus far, regardless of their size or experience level.

Head-scissors, triangle chokes, Ezekial chokes, rear-naked chokes, body-scissors, hand-on-throat chokes, hand-over-mouth smothering and more feature in this surprisingly close and extremely hard-fought contest.

Both fighters are thoroughly exhausted and soaked in sweat by the end of this fight, but only one can claim the win. 

Does Persuaxion score another stunning David-vs-Goliath upset here? Or does The Spoiler manage to emerge victorious?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!