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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW144 - Bianca Blance vs Clay

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Italian dynamo Bianca Blance (5'6 / 145 lbs.) returns to the Absolute mats bigger, stronger and even more determined than her last visit as she takes on Clay (5'9 / 138 lbs.) in this match that's competitive (in that both fighters are trying to win) but ultimately very much a one-sided encounter.

While Clay was motivated to try hard for the win he was hopelessly out-muscled and out-skilled by Bianca, and this fight rapidly devolves into a complete beat-down.

For his part Clay does attempt offence frequently throughout it's almost immediately stuffed by Bianca, who runs the score up to a total never seen before here at Absolute using just about everything except the kitchen sink.

Smothers, headscissors, bodyscissors, chokes, and a whole lot more are on display during the match. And then Biance takes the punishment round to a whole other level by incorporating some very hard body strikes (results mentioned below).

How bad did Bianca beat Clay in this one?

She trampled the previous Absolute submission high-score (held by VeVe Lane in her match against Trinity).

She beat him so badly we didn't even bother to add the running tally (as we normally do with the blue banner scorecards that pop out after each submission when you watch our matches) to the match footage.

She beat Clay so badly that he was supposed to fight Sugar Diamond later in the day but we cancelled that match entirely for Clay's safety.

She beat him so badly it causes him to throw up at the very end of the punishment round.

You'll almost certainly want to marvel at the dominance established and maintained by Bianca here.  It's awe-inspiring. And kinda terrifying. All at once.