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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW145 - Alexis Luna vs The Spoiler III: The Tie-Breaker

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Phenomenal British Muay Thai fighter Alexis Luna (5'4 / 147 lbs.) and BJJ grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.) crash in to one another for a glorious, gruelling fully competitive third match as they seek to settle their burgeoning feud.

This fight features non-stop action and plenty of offence from both competitors, including triangle chokes, kimuras, hand-on-throat chokes, hand-over-mouth smothering, bodyscissors and a lot of body punching!

Who comes out on top at the end of this very close contest? And though one victory picks up the W in extra-time, is victory truly definitive?

We're sure you'll agree these two need to fight again. And probably again after that.

There have already been discussions about booking a no-time-limit 'complete exhaustion' match between these two so it's clear neither of them are done with the other, that's for certain!

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