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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW146 - Bianca Blance vs The Spoiler III

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**Please note this match is 30 full minutes of action but does not have a punishment round - read the description below to learn why

Italian fighter Bianca Blance (5'6 / 145 lbs.) has developed a well-earned reputation for her intensity, and it's lead to this very rough third contest in her burgeoning feud with BJJ grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 230 lbs.).

This fully competitive submission wrestling clash is ultra aggressive and features rear-naked chokes, triangle chokes, d'arce chokes, hand-on-throat chokes, hand-over-mouth smothering, hard body-punching that draws gasps of pain and The Spoiler even sinks in a vicious double-fish hook from mount!

Neither of these fighters want to lose to the other, and if you've watched their first two matches you'll understand why. While Bianca is technically up 1 - 0 in their series, the second fight ended in a No Contest ruling even though The Spoiler was leading at the time, so this third match isn't a tie-breaker by any means...and more of a pure grudge match.

That said, both excitingly and frustratingly, this one is so close these competitors fight right through the final bell...and then all the way through what would have been the punishment round to end the match slick with sweat, exhausted, angry and locked in a draw.

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