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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW148 - Eckobelle vs Kitana Knox

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Powerful bodybuilder Eckobelle (5'3 / 165 lbs) faces off against masked submission wrestler Kitana Knox (5'4 / 118 lbs) in this fully competitive clash that features the Absolute debut of both fighters. And it's also the first competitive submission wrestling match for each of them as well!

Straight away you can see Eckobelle has a clear size and strength advantage over Kitana, but the gruelling format of our matches is really unkind to larger bodybuilder-type physiques built more for power and less so for cardio. Plus, Eckobelle is only a week or so off of a cold, so her stamina is adversely affected by that as well however she does not let any of that stop her from pushing forward.

And though Kitana does have more grappling experience to rely on she's giving up 45+ lbs of muscle to her incredibly strong and substantially larger adversary.

That said, it's a thrilling, exhausting contest that features crushing bodyscissors and headscissors, a variety of choke holds and smothers, a completely unexpected and very painful leg-spreader submission and a lot more!

Does Eckobelle manage to crush the fight out of her smaller opponent and power her way to the win?

Or does Kitana pick up a very hard-fought victory by relentlessly wearing down her bigger foe?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!