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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW149 - Alice vs The Spoiler III

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Polish amazon Alice (6'0 / 215 lbs) crashes into The Spoiler (6'0 / 220 lbs) one more time in this intense fully competitive third fight between these skilled and strong heavyweight BJJ grapplers.

Their first match set the foundation for this long-running feud as Alice use her gi belt and The Spoiler's mask to completely destroy him in what many consider his most humiliating defeat.

And now, multiple years later, The Spoiler has an opportunity to exact a measure of revenge. The big question, of course, is will he be able to?

Alice has the size, strength and grappling experience to steamroll most opponents. And she uses those assets to grind down her opponent here, exemplified by the very painful verbal submission she crushes out of The Spoiler with a punishing reverse head-scissors at point.

That said, both fighters are focused and intense throughout, with neither fighter giving the other a second of rest after submissions are scored. And each goes hard trying to target the other's cardio with plenty of smothers and chokes.

As in their previous matches, Alice uses The Spoiler's mask for leverage on multiple occasions. And The Spoiler even retaliates at one point - grabbing Alice's hair to pull her head back in order to expose her to a smothering attempt!

In the end, it's a very close battle. But one of these athletes does ultimately emerge with a solid, sweat-soaked and gruelling victory.

Can Alice end this feud with a decisive third win?

Or does The Spoiler stun everyone with what can only be considered a legitimate upset W?

Buy this excellent, fast-paced match right now to find out!