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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW150 - Persuaxion vs Trent

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Persuaxion (5'3 / 112 lbs) burst on to the underground wrestling scene a little over a year ago and quickly established herself as a fierce competitor who shows absolutely no fear regardless of her opponent's skill level or, in this particular match with Trent (6'3 / 218 lbs), very clear size advantage.

Neither fighter is technically skilled so this excellent David vs Goliath clash is primarily old-school submission wrestling, though Persuaxion does snap on a painful arm-bar at one point  much to everyone's shock and surprise - including Trent!

This fully competitive fight features headscissors, a variety of smothers and chokes, and plenty of back and forth action. Both fighters go hard from start to finish and are breathing very hard at the final bell.

There is a definitive winner, though. And they take great pleasure in unleashing their frustration on their defeated opponent during the punishment round.

Does the towering Trent manage to take control the of fight and claim the W? Or does Persuaxion add to her steadily growing reputation as a 'giant-killer' with a victory over her substantially larger opponent?

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