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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW151 - Ms. K vs Persuaxion

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American powerhouse and BJJ grappler Ms. K (5'4 / 140 lbs) collides with fast-rising fan-favourite Persuaxion (5'3 / 112 lbs) in this action-packed fully competitive submission match that thought might be a mismatch but ends up astonishingly close!

Persuaxion gives up size, strength and grappling experience to her opponent here. But one of the reasons she's become so popular so quickly is her relentlessness and complete fearlessness on the mat. Allow us to assure you she's no different in this fight.

Ms. K repeatedly works her BJJ skillset to sweep Persuaxion and control their position but Persuaxion's flexibility and unpredictability repeatedly thwart her efforts - very much to Ms. K's consternation. And it shows, as she repeatedly resorts to much-less-technical smothering attempts throughout the match. She even grabs Persuaxion's hair at a couple of points!

Rear-naked chokes, head-and-arm chokes, triangles, a rib-crushing body-scissors and more feature during regulation time. And there are multiple submissions scored before the final bell, as well as a definitive winner.

But it's a final score that may surprise many, and entertain all.

Does Ms. K power her way to the win?

Or does Persuaxion wear her larger opponent out to steal victory?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!