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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW154 - Mel Fire vs The Spoiler

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This awesome fully competitive battle of BJJ purple belts features the Absolute Mixed Wrestling debut of Finland's Mel Fire (5'7 / 155 lbs) as she goes head-to-head with The Spoiler (6'0 / 220 lbs)!

These two are so incredibly evenly matched in terms of skill that this fully competitive match goes back and forth score-wise, and even requires a bit of sudden-death overtime!

Triangle chokes, reverse triangle chokes, mounted triangle chokes, rear-naked chokes, manual chokes and more are on display in this one. And, perhaps because of how evenly skilled they are, both fighters frequently resort to hand-over-mouth smothering in order to empty their opponents gas tank.

Does Mel Fire claim victory in her first-ever Absolute match?

Or does The Spoiler welcome her to the Absolute mats the hard way?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!