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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW155 - Mel Fire vs Persuaxion

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Finnish BJJ purple belt Mel Fire (5'7 / 155 lbs) takes on popular and fiercely competitive dancer Persuaxion (5'3 / 112 lbs) in this fully competitive submission wrestling match.

Mel Fire's size and skill advantage should make this one likely to end with a lopsided victory, but Persuaxion has actually been training BJJ for a few months now. And while she's clearly not at Mel's skill level, she proves herself a surprisingly tough opponent. Of course, fans of Persuaxion already know she doesn't show any fear, regardless of who she goes up against!

Mel dominates the action throughout, but Persuaxion works hard to avoid her opponent's relentless submission attempts and frequently attempts to sweep and go on the offence.

The result is a gruelling, fast-paced and very closely-fought battle that features a variety of chokes (including hand-on-throat chokes), head-scissors, body-scissors, and a lot of smothering.

In the end, one fighter wraps up their well-earned win. But is it the win many expected? Or is it a stunning upset?

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