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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW156 - Ms. K vs Trent

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American powerhouse and BJJ grappler Ms. K (5'4 / 147 lbs) collides with Trent (6'3 / 218 lbs) in this fully competitive submission wrestling match that sees both fighters breathing very hard very quickly!

Trent's size is real problem for Ms. K in spite of her grappling skill, and she requires every bit of it to overcome her much larger foe. And for his part, Trent works hard throughout to contain Ms. K's energy and counter her experience advantage.

Manual chokes, a variety of smothers, and a variety of head-scissors and more are employed by these fighters before the end of regulation.

And while both give their all, there is a clear winner when the final bell rings.

Buy the complete match right now to discover who comes out on top!