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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW157 - Miss Celine vs The Spoiler

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Freestyle wrestler and BJJ blue-belt Miss Celine (5'9 / 175 lbs) makes her Absolute Mixed Wrestling debut here, going head-to-head with BJJ grappler The Spoiler (6'0 / 220 lbs) in this awesome high-scoring, fully-competitive submission wrestling clash!

With the size, strength and skill these fighters possess it's not long before they're both breathing hard and slick with sweat. And the submissions come fairly fast and furious as the action picks up.

Rear-naked chokes, hand-smothers, triangle chokes, headscissors, bodyscissors, manual chokes, armbars, kimuras and more highlight this one as both Miss Celine and The Spoiler give their all right down to the wire.

Astonishingly, this one requires overtime. But a brief moment's confusion at the final bell by one wrestler over the final score (they didn't realize the score was tied) is all their opponent needed to snap on the match-winning submission and end the fight for good!

Does Miss Celine claim victory in her first-ever Absolute match? Or does The Spoiler manage to overcome the threat from this fellow heavyweight and leave with the W?

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