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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW158 - Mel Fire vs The Spoiler II: The Rematch

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BJJ and Muay Thai fighter Mel Fire (5'7 / 155 lbs) and BJJ grappler  The Spoiler (6'0 220 lbs) run it back in this rematch of their intense first fight that was so evenly matched it required sudden-death overtime to decide!

This one is just as close, and very quickly devolves into something of a grudge match as Mel Fire grabs and pulls her opponent's mask, The Spoiler uses fish-hooks for leverage and both fighters use hand-on-throat chokes, hand-over-mouth smothering, and they each land hard body punches.

As you might expect with two skilled fighters, plenty of technical grappling is also featured throughout including an omoplata, triangle choke variations, rear-naked chokes, head-and-arm triangles and more alongside traditional submission wrestling tactics like bodyscissors, grapevines and breath-taking smother-and-matchbook-pin combination.

By the end of regular time both are flushed, sweat-soaked and...yes...tied. Again. So they fight through the final bell for that all-important, desperate match-winning submission. And the right to celebrate by dishing out the post-fight punishment.

Can Mel Fire cement dominance over The Spoiler with back-to-back wins?

Or can The Spoiler leave this hard-fought rematch with a victory that demands a third tie-breaking battle?

Buy the complete match right now to find out!