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Cyber Monday is here (yep, we're launching the sale on Sunday!)

Cyber Monday arrives at Absolute Mixed Wrestling one day early because we're committed to being awesome like that! And we've compiled a unique collection of our incredible matches (different than those included in our Black Friday event) so that we can help fans of competitive submission wrestling build out their Absolute collections!  Before you rush over to the Cyber Monday deals, do not forget to create a free Absolute account (if you haven't already) so that you can begin collecting Absolute points immediately. For more information on why you should have an Absolute account, even if you don't decide to buy something...

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Black Friday deals are here!

It's Black Friday. And the deals are live here at Absolute Mixed Wrestling! We've selected a number of our complete matches and reduced their price exclusively for this one-day-only sale. And as our hardcore fans know, every Absolute 1 v. 1 match features a full, hard-fought, non-stop 25 minutes of most-submissions-wins action + 5 minutes where the winner of the match gets to punish the loser! So don't delay, add these incredible select complete matches to your personal collection and save some $$ while you do it. Oh, and don't forget to create a free Absolute account (if you haven't already)...

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Introducing Raven Rose!!

We've been slightly spoiled here at Absolute Mixed Wrestling because we've had the great fortune to work with awesome 21-year old pro MMA fighter The Black Widow. And now we're adding a second 21-year old pro MMA fighter to our roster:  the incredible Raven Rose.At 5'4 and 146 lbs., she's talented AND powerful. This young woman has eight years of MMA training under her belt (she's also a Pan-Am Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion) and is an active up-and-coming pro MMA fighter.Her first-ever on-camera 100% competitive submission wrestling match (AMW 019 - Raven Rose vs. The Black Widow) will be available be ready...

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The Absolute Account Creation Promo has ended.

It was here. It was awesome. And now it's gone. Congratulations to everyone...

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Our Absolute Account Creation Promotion is on now (limited time only)!!!

For a very limited time, we're going to be giving 1000 Absolute Points to everyone who creates a new Absolute account - that's enough points to immediately get $10 off your next purchase!
So, what's this Absolute Account stuff all about, you ask? Well, please allow us to explain...

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