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Coming Soon - Sydney Thunder (and more) !!!

We've got some seriously awesome 100% competitive matches lined up to film over the next few months including: Tyler Dare (5'5 / 140 lbs.)Submission wrestler and BJJ grappler. Sydney Thunder (5'5 / 170 lbs.)In her first-ever on-camera 100% competitive mixed wrestling match!! Kaysha Brazil (5'3 / 124 lbs.)Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. BJJ World Champion. Pro MMA fighter. 'Nuff said. Bella Rush (5'9 / 185 lbs.)BJJ blue belt. Boxer. Professional wrestler. And more to be confirmed / announced soon!! Needless to say, we're very excited. And we hope you are, too. If there's a fighter you'd really love to see...

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The highly anticipated rematch between Jessika Bond and The Spoiler is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

We've had a lot (and we mean A LOT!!!) of inquiries about the possibility of a rematch between Jessika Bond and The Spoiler, and when it might be available. Well, we're happy to announce...

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Sponsor an Absolute match!

Is there a particular fighter you'd like to see step onto the Absolute mats for a 100% competitive battle? If you'd like to help make that match happen by sponsoring that fighter's travel costs then...

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What is Absolute Mixed Wrestling?

Absolute Mixed Wrestling was named after the 'absolute' division found at most, if not all, competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments. The main feature of the absolute division is...

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100% competitive mixed wrestling finally gets the digital home it deserves with the launch of So we're celebrating with...

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