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Absolute Mixed Wrestling

AMW135 - Alexis Luna vs Trent

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British Muay Thai powerhouse Alexis Luna (5'4 / 147 lbs.) steps onto the Absolute mats to face relative newcomer Trent (6'3 / 218 lbs.) in this fully competitive submission wrestling match that's a size mismatch on paper, if not in actual practice!

Alexis is incredible strong. And unfazed by her much larger opponent who, as is evidenced by the welts on his side, was completely savaged by Sugar Diamond only the day before (in AMW131). Plus she has a solid skill advantage that gives her a steely-eyed confidence that's honestly quite intimidating.

For his part though Trent doesn't back down. And even manages to put Alexis in precarious positions during the brief moments he's able to cobble together some offence by working old school submission wrestling tactics like hand-over-mouth smothering and  hand-on-throat chokes.

But she effectively steamrolls him, and this match slowly but surely turns into a lopsided defeat that sees Alexis crush the big guy into submission after relentless submission via body-scissors, smothers and more...including a very innovative modified Peruvian Necktie choke!

Add this excellent fight to your collection today, and prepare to marvel at the magnificent mayhem of the phenomenal Alexis Luna.